“Its All About the Spice”

The Story Behind The Spices

I was always in love with cooking and creating new tastes and flavors for all types of cuisines. However, Cajun food was always special to me and many of my friends and family, because the flavor was both spicy and deep. It was a balance of spice that created a taste that oddly covered much of the spectrum in flavor. The tang of garlic, the aftertaste of cayenne and the zesty aroma that always made for salivating palates even in the anticipation itself. I labored for years to perfect a combination of spices most suited for Cajun style seafood. When I started out it was good, but not “perfect.” It wasn’t until 2012 that I crafted something worthy of my own harsh criticism. The end result was a Cajun Seafood Spice that remained true to the tradition of Cajun flavor seafood while being versatile enough to open up new avenues of taste. During the excitement of finally making the Cajun seafood spice to my satisfaction, I completely forgot what to name it. I mulled over this for weeks until……
When my grandson was 1 year and 6 months old, I babysat Caleb, like I always want to do whenever I get a chance. While babysitting, I would blend several spices hoping to improve the spice blend or seasoning for seafood. Then one day, as I babysat Caleb and mixed spices, I realized that Caleb was a big part of the inspiration and the essence of the seafood spice I was creating. That was the day a new Cajun seasoning was born and was branded as Cajun Caleb Spice.